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--- This game requires Flash Player to run! If you do not have Flash installed, or are unable to play, please feel free to visit my portfolio website, where you can find a YouTube playlist of various Let's Play videos others have made, along with music tracks I made during development - https://chromestag.com/2016/09/04/cat-personal-project/ ---

"Cat" is a small personal project I started working on to get a better understanding of using Flash. I figured that if I could get to grips with some simple dialogue trees and character movement, I'd have made some progress with the software.

I only started using Flash in 2015 when I started studying Computer Arts at Abertay University. Although I started out completely hating it, it slowly grew on me and I thought I might try making a small game or two just for a bit of fun.

I liked the idea of messing around with the idea of existentialism, and looking at how some sort of greater being (or a "god" if you will) would perceive its own existence.

This game has its bugs and its far from perfect, but it's a fun little concept that I'm glad I worked on over summer!

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorCraig McNaughton
Tags8-Bit, cat, Cats, dialogue, existential-crisis, kitty
Average sessionA few seconds