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"Cat" is a small personal project I started working on to get a better understanding of using Flash. I figured that if I could get to grips with some simple dialogue trees and character movement, I'd have made some progress with the software.

I only started using Flash last year when I started studying Computer Arts at Abertay University. Although I started out completely hating it, it slowly grew on me and I thought I might try making a small game or two just for a bit of fun.

I liked the idea of messing around with the idea of existentialism, and looking at how some sort of greater being (or a "god" if you will) would perceive its own existence.

This game has its bugs and its far from perfect, but it's a fun little concept that I'm glad I worked on over summer!

AuthorCraig McNaughton
Tags8-Bit, cat, cats, dialogue, existential-crisis, kitty
Average sessionA few seconds